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3 Tools & Platforms You Need To Scale Your Digital Business

Scaling your digital business is essential to keeping up with the competition. But, doesn’t this phrase sound a bit grandiose? Well, that is exactly the plan, right?

To scale your digital business, you'll need to find ways to increase revenue without increasing costs. This could mean raising the price of your products or services, but it could also mean finding more efficient ways to work so that you don't have to spend as much time on each task.

Picture this. You’re earning approximately $1,000 each month, and you’ve worked 20 hours to earn that much. Now, you want to double that revenue to $2,000 but only spend 25 hours on your business. This is what scaling your business is all about.

But how can this be possible? Is this even doable? With the right strategy, planning, and tools, the answer to the second question is a resounding "YES."

Scaling your digital business would mean that you would have to make an additional investment on the side. However, your goal should be to get more from that investment that you have put in so that you generate the revenue goal you want without spending unnecessary costs.

Keep reading as I unpack the essential tools and platforms that every digital business owner must know and check out if you want to scale your business in 2022.


ClickUp is your all-in-one productivity platform regardless of the industry you’re in. What can this tool do for you? Check these out:

  • Organizes Your Tasks With all the roles you juggle as a business owner, your tasks could also tend to overlap each other, which can put you at risk of missing out on some others. ClickUp gives you the space to put all the tasks you need to do where you have the option to check these in a bigger picture perspective or the nitty-gritty task detail. If you assign some tasks to other people, you could even monitor all of your progress and do timely follow-throughs.

  • Time Management Along with task organization, ClickUp also enables you to manage your schedule and task calendar chronologically. You could quickly check if a task is a prerequisite to another or if it could be done simultaneously. You could maximize your time efficiently.

  • Project/Process Management ClickUp provides you the space to arrange the steps of your process or project so you will not miss a thing. Workflows are available for you to create, so when you need to delegate a project to someone, you don’t need to repeat yourself and thus save time.

  • Secure Collaboration When you need to work closely with a client, ClickUp allows you to communicate directly with them while literally and figuratively on the same page. There will be no room for confusion because you’re all looking at the same information while passing these reports or feedback securely. Essentially, with ClickUp, the person who is not involved in the project will not have a way of knowing about it.

These are just the advantages that ClickUp could bring to your table when you make it part of your digital business. When you are better organized, you will realize that you can focus more on other significant aspects of your business that could make you rake in that higher revenue. And if you want to get started with ClickUp, just click here.


A well-timed email marketing campaign is one of the key allies to increasing revenue in the digital business. Unlike social media interactions, email marketing gets you closer to your community and would-be clients through a personalized approach. You can address your recipient on a first-name basis even when you send the same email to hundreds of them.

Whether you’re sending insights, tips, or other content, your email marketing strategy could work to your advantage if you have an effective email platform. That’s why I say hello, Flodesk!

Here are a few things that make Flodesk a great asset to your digital business.

  • User-friendly You would not worry about using Flodesk as a beginner because it is designed with a very friendly user experience. Every step or option you select is straightforward to understand, and you would not be afraid of accidentally sending an unedited email.

  • Beautiful Templates that You Can Customize Flodesk also comes with template emails for the times that you run out of words to say or how to add aesthetics to your campaign. Think of a journal prompt, except that it’s an email marketing campaign. The template designs can also be customized easily to suit your brand and your voice, so you can easily convert your subscribers into customers.

  • Flat Rate If budget is also your concern, Flodesk offers a flat rate regardless of the size of your email list. Even when your target audience grows in the future, the monthly rate you pay doesn’t change. And for newbies and small entrepreneurs, isn’t this a game-changing treat?

Flodesk also offers huge discounts for the first year of new members. The app even provides a free trial just to get your toes on the waters and have a feel of whether it’s the best email platform for you. How would you like to get started with Flodesk today? Just tap here to get your discount.


One of the enormous challenges of small and fresh digital entrepreneurs is running the business all on your own. But we all went through this phase, and this is where we get motivated to make big dreams and make these dreams happen.

Manychat enters the picture as your partner in running your digital business, so you don’t get to do repetitive tasks that will not generate revenue for you. Whether we admit it or not, while these smaller tasks are necessary for the business, they just take so much of our time that we can no longer finish the significant chunks of our business on time.

What if you can automate these minor tasks to take these off your plate and focus on finishing a client task or that product delivery? You don’t need to constantly check your messenger anymore to reply to a question or send out a marketing message for the day.

Manychat helps automate these minor tasks for small and budding business owners. As a sales and marketing messenger bot automation platform, Manychat allows you to build out and customize your messenger bots so you can still assist your market even while you’re asleep. With this kind of tool, who would say you’re still doing it all to yourself? If this is the digital business solution you want, check out how we can help you!

Final Thoughts

The digital world is constantly changing and evolving, so you must always keep in step with the times. Staying along with the flow of your clients could get you to what they need so that you could better serve them right where they are. And because time is money, you want to stay as efficient as possible to maximize your time for the tasks that genuinely bring higher revenue. That’s how you scale your business.

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