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Tips for Maintaining a Consistent Brand Presence Across All Platforms

If you were to name a restaurant that you would love inviting your friends or family to again and again, what would that be? More importantly, why would you not hesitate to take them to this place?

Perhaps you were thinking about how popular this restaurant is in your social media feeds. Or maybe your first thought was your memory of the sumptuous dishes. Or maybe, you got hooked by the overall experience you’ve had from their customer service to their aesthetics, and to the food they serve. All of these aspects – and more – are accumulated in one word: BRAND.

What then is a brand?

A brand is not only about how unforgettable or eye-catchy your logo is. It’s not just selecting the most ideal font face for your business name and products. It’s not even just all about getting the color palette that you should be inculcating in your marketing materials. While you need these items to complete your brand, there’s more to the physical look that makes it.

Your brand is also about your client’s overall experience, how they feel about your product or service, and what you are leading them to feel about themselves. More than the physical appearance, a brand captures a person’s mind, heart, and soul, such that they will become loyal customers and advocates of your business. If your product or service has reached this level of engagement with your customers in such a way that is consistent with what you want to be known, then you have established your brand.

And this brings us to the next item on the list: BRAND PRESENCE.

Your brand does not become the brand that you want it to be without presence. You think about visibility, consistency, and accessibility. A brand becomes the brand when it has been repeatedly endorsed in the same message, no matter how the message is packaged or where it is relayed. Brand presence is very critical because it creates your brand identity, which would build up your customer’s awareness, trust, and loyalty.

But how do you make your brand visible at all times? Is there a specific frequency that you should follow? And where do you place your brand so that it attracts the most attention of your potential customers? These are the questions that many business owners hurdle every day in their operations, especially since there are many kinds of online platforms to choose from. Some businesses do get their thing; others are still finding their way.

How do you consistently maintain your brand presence across all platforms?

To answer this question, let me share some practical tips based on actual business experience on how to promote consistent brand presence across all platforms. Are you ready? Here we go:

1. Establish consistent brand guidelines.

Just like anything that requires familiarity, your brand should follow some guidelines. These guidelines will ensure that all your messages across different platforms have the same look and feel. Most of these guidelines will have to deal with the physical aspect of your brand, namely the logo, font style, color palette, and even the selection of images you post. You should be clear about these aspects so that the marketing material you post on Facebook, will also look the same on Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms that you utilize. If you’re not yet clear on these aspects, you can always consult with branding experts or coaches who could assist you in identifying the branding guidelines that fit your business.

IDEN Brand Guidelines Overview

2. Know your focused market.

To establish your brand, it is also crucial to identify what your target market wants. Whether you visualize them as an individual person or a group of persons, you must know what their pain points are and how your product or service can resolve these pains. By identifying their needs and preferences, you could better design your brand in a way that will capture their attention.

3. Identify key touchpoints where you can make an impact.

In relation to having a thorough knowledge of your target market, your brand should also be able to provide value to your customers. This value addresses a specific need that your customer is not able to do on their own. If you’re an event coordinator, for instance, you need to touch on the mess of rigorous planning or the hassle of coordinating with different suppliers, which are things that your clients don’t normally want to face. If you know where exactly you can make an impact in the lives of your customers, then you could highlight that in all of your branding presence.

PLANN That Strategy Overlook

4. Strategize your content.

When it comes to establishing a consistent brand presence across all online platforms, you would also have to curate the right content. Your brand should also talk about your product or service in a way that would reflect your core values. If, for instance, you believe in excellence, then your content would also have to be accurate, factual, and understandable. The way you deliver your content could make or break the way you approach your potential customers, so ensure that you always say what you believe in your heart.

5. Use storytelling techniques.

Who doesn’t love great stories, right? You can always trace back a time in your life when stories always grab your attention, take you to another land, or put you to sleep. And that story-loving child will always dwell in us no matter how old we get. So you could capture your customer’s attention if you could tell a great story that is also relatable to them. There are different techniques in storytelling that would eventually highlight your brand, and this is something that branding coaches can help you with if you’re still navigating your way through this process.

Are you ready to establish your brand?

A well-established brand would bring a lasting impact on the way customers perceive a product or service. And a consistent branding presence will pave the way for a brand to be seared in the memory and actual experiences of customers. The more consistent your brand presence is, the more your customers will be made aware of what you do, and the more their trust and loyalty are developed.

With all the different online platforms today, creating a consistent brand presence would pose a challenge to many business owners. If you are an entrepreneur who needs to streamline your branding strategies and guidelines but doesn’t know where to start, we can help. With our experience and expertise in brand development and brand guideline creation, we could set your brand up in a way that is reflective of your identity and personality. Schedule a consultation with us today.

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