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Tides Of Truth

A Radical Journey in God's Word


Welcome to "Tides of Truth," where bold women gather with a singular, unwavering focus: to seek and embrace the unadulterated truth found in God's Word. Here, we delve deeply into the Scriptures, unearthing the raw, powerful wisdom that has the potential to revolutionize our lives.


Our commitment is to the pure, unfiltered message of God, believing it to be the ultimate source of truth in a world riddled with uncertainty.


As women of faith, we challenge each other to not only study but to live out the truths we discover. We are not content with passive observation; we are called to radical movements of faith. Our sessions are more than discussions—they are catalysts for transformation, igniting in us a fierce desire to embody the teachings of Christ in every aspect of our lives.


Join us on this journey if you are yearning for more than a superficial encounter with your faith. "Tides of Truth" is for those who dare to be swept up in the powerful current of God's Word, to emerge not just informed but transformed. This is not just a study; it's a call to action, a summoning to rise, and an invitation to be part of a relentless tide of believers who are reshaping the world one truth at a time.

Meeting Details

Weekly on Tuesday's

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM


6317 Turtle Grass Dr.

Bradenton, FL 34210

*Gate Access: Tell them you are here to see Whitney Stagge at 6317 Turtle Grass
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