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Meet Whitney

  • CEO/Founder of IDEN™ with over ten years of experience in brand and digital marketing strategy.

  • Host of UNOMOSS Podcast and keynote speaker at various industry events.

  • Global organizational leader to 3000+ and business coach to thousands worldwide.

  • Certified Automation Specialist and Clickup Expert.

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Whitney is the Founder/CEO of IDEN™ - a full-service brand and digital marketing agency specializing in providing quality experiences for clients through unique, effective, and efficient marketing strategies.

She is also the host of the UNOMOSS Podcast, a brand and marketing podcast for female entrepreneurs, helping them pursue their God-given purpose and redefine success by creating a widely successful and sustainable digital business.

With 10+ years of experience as a strategist and coach, Whitney helps service-based entrepreneurs and coaches streamline their businesses and create high-converting strategies to scale thriving digital businesses.

With a specialty in automation, system implementation, and productivity. Whitney has helped thousands of entrepreneurs transform their digital businesses and discover the key to creating a life-changing impact through leveraging technology.

She runs two successful business training programs, The S.O.S. Collective, a group coaching community and network for high-level entrepreneurs looking to streamline, optimize, and scale their digital brands.


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