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Our Work

We pride ourselves on showcasing results, not just promises. Explore our portfolio to see how we've transformed businesses through creative strategies, engaging content, and data-driven campaigns. With a track record of success, our work speaks for itself – helping brands thrive in the digital landscape.

Logo Design

Logo Designs

Dive into our 'Logo Designs' project to witness how we craft distinctive visual identities that leave a lasting impression.

Natural I Lash Lifting & Brow Bar

Natural I Lash Lifting and Brow Bar in Dallas, TX, was looking for a complete brand makeover. Picture this: revamped logos, fresh colors, and a new vibe that screams "wow"! Plus, we put together a nifty brand guidelines pamphlet to keep things on point. Now, they're not just about lashes and brows—they're the talk of the town!


The Confident Senior - Course Brand & Buildout

We recently revamped My FutureWise's image and created their new digital course, 'The Confident Senior, ' on ThriveCart. With a fresh brand makeover and the user-friendly features of ThriveCart, we've crafted an exciting online learning journey for seniors. Now, My FutureWise helps seniors stride confidently into their future with our snazzy new course!

FutureWise Consulting

Experience the transformation of FutureWise Consulting's digital presence through our comprehensive website design and full buildout. Explore a dynamic platform featuring digital courses, media highlights, engaging blogs, and seamlessly integrated sales pages powered by Thrivecart. Witness the fusion of design and functionality that empowers FutureWise Consulting's online growth and presence.

FutureWise Consulting website design by IDEN on iMac
avi body care - iden website design.png

Avi Body Care

DEN™ partnered with Avi Body Care to create a sleek and intuitive Shopify website geared towards their upcoming product launch. Our design strategy focused on capturing leads through a captivating "Coming Soon" landing page, integrating Klaviyo for seamless communication, and providing engaging skincare content to enhance user experience. With strategic CTAs and intuitive navigation, we optimized the site for conversions, reflecting Avi Body Care's commitment to natural beauty and enhancing their online presence.

#ClosingDay Agency

We transformed #ClosingDay Agency's online presence with a stunning, custom-designed website on the WIX platform. We seamlessly integrated third-party tools, animations, and automation to enhance user experience and boost marketing efforts. Explore a visually appealing site that perfectly aligns with brand identity and engages the target audience.

#ClosingDay Agency website design by IDEN on iMac
Anytime Golf website design by IDEN on iMac

Anytime Golf 

Discover how we revitalized Anytime Golf's online presence with a modern, user-friendly website integrated seamlessly with CRM and email marketing via WIX. Our team's expertise and ActiveCampaign integration delivered a powerful, cohesive user experience.

FM Provisions

At IDEN™, we collaborated with FM Provisions, a local farm-to-table business, to develop a standout brand package. This included crafting a unique logo, selecting complementary colors and fonts, and designing a promotional deck tailored to attract potential customers. Our comprehensive approach aimed to align FM Provisions' branding with their values and mission, empowering them to achieve their business objectives confidently.

Xposure Ventures website design by IDEN on iMac

Xposure Ventures

Explore our project for Xposure Ventures – a dynamic website design featuring extensive animations, backend automation, course integration, podcast integrations, and powerful blog capabilities. Witness innovation in action!

Jewely Stephens

We teamed up with Jewelry Stephens, a top earner at Monat Global, to give her YouTube channel a fresh makeover. From a slick new branded look to optimizing SEO, we made sure her channel stands out in the crowded beauty space. Now, Jewelry's channel is not just about hair care—it's a go-to destination for top-notch mentoring videos and style tips, all thanks to our collaboration!

jewely stephens - iden client.jpg

American Blonde

We worked with American Blonde on a personalized social media analysis, audit, and revamp, coupled with creative branding concepts and mentorship. Through strategic analysis and innovative approaches, we revitalized American Blonde's social media presence, fostering enhanced engagement and brand resonance. Our partnership empowered American Blonde with tailored branding strategies, positioning them for success in their industry.

Moss Be Reviewed

Our collaboration with Moss Be Reviewed centered on crafting an engaging website tailored to showcase his expertise as a consultant for home buyers interested in building their homes. With a keen focus on capturing leads, our design emphasizes clear communication of Christopher's services and offerings, providing visitors with valuable insights and resources to navigate the home-building process confidently. The result is an immersive online platform that effectively highlights Christopher's expertise while facilitating seamless lead generation and engagement with potential clients.

moss be reviewed - iden website design.png
dream ridge jewelry - iden website design.png

Dream Ridge Jewelry

We partnered with Dream Ridge Jewelry in crafting their website design. Capturing the essence of elegance and sophistication, the website showcases their exquisite jewelry collections with seamless navigation and stunning visuals. Our collaboration reflects Dream Ridge Jewelry's commitment to offering timeless pieces, providing customers with an immersive and enchanting online shopping experience.

Color Caravan

Color Caravan's Shopify website showcases a vibrant array of handcrafted goods from around the globe, our design emphasizes seamless navigation and captivating visuals, inviting users to explore the diverse product offerings effortlessly. Through our partnership, Color Caravan's website reflects their commitment to showcasing artisanal excellence and celebrates cultural diversity in an immersive online shopping experience.

color caravan - iden website design.png
lynne lowder - iden website design.png

Lynne Lowder : Realtor

Lynne Lowder was looking for a complete rebranding, including a new website design and logo. We worked with her to create a modern and professional brand that would help her stand out in the industry. The new website is clean and easy to navigate, and the logo is simple and eye-catching. We're delighted with how the project turned out; we know Lynne is too!

Just Ask & Consider It Done

Just Ask & Consider It Done entrusted us with their complete brand development, seeking to enhance their image as a professional home cleaning, concierge, and organization company in Sarasota, FL. Our collaboration included crafting a new logo, brand guidelines, and a responsive website, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand presence. Explore Just Ask & Consider It Done for exceptional services in Sarasota and nearby areas.

just ask and consider it done - iden wesbsite design.png

Voltaire Design

We got to roll up our sleeves and dive into some creative magic with Voltaire Design for their social media content. From dreamy visuals to engaging captions, we whipped up a storm of content that truly captured the essence of their premium equestrian brand. Now, Voltaire Design's social media is not just about saddles—it's an adventure in style and craftsmanship, all thanks to our collaboration!

Jeff Sarault

Jeff Sarault's landing page, representing Voltaire Design, elegantly showcases premium equestrian products with captivating visuals and concise messaging. Designed for seamless user engagement, it communicates the brand's commitment to quality and innovation in the equestrian industry.

jeff sarault voltaire design - iden website build.png
Shaan Rais - iden website design.png

Shaan Rais

Shaan Rais's ClickFunnels website embodies his expertise and offerings with a focus on driving conversions. Our design ensures seamless user experience, guiding visitors towards engaging with Shaan's services effortlessly. The website effectively communicates Shaan's value proposition, maximizing its impact in attracting and converting potential clients.

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